Meet the team

Name: Jonny Wright

How long have you been in the hobby for: Over 20 years now! I still remember the first time I stepped into Games Workshop Trafford and was awe-struck by the Warhammer 40,000 trench board in front of me. I’ve never looked back since!

Favourite Game: Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game for miniatures games, Star Wars Destiny for card games.

Favourite Miniature: This is a really hard question! – Either the Balrog or WFB Wood Elf “Waystrider” Lord.

Best Hobby Moment: Warhammer Fantasy Battle Doubles Tournament circa 2009. The whole damn weekend! Great times with great friends, which for me; is what this hobby is all about.

Best Painting Tip: Bases and faces are the key to well painted models! I’ve really had to train myself over the years to batch paint large numbers of models. For someone who enjoys painting single miniatures, I am a sucker for collecting horde armies! I’ve found that having scenic bases and spending a little more time on the face of a model means that you can get away with speed painting the rest of the model, particularly for tabletop standard armies.

Next Project: I’ve just started working on some US Rangers for our in-store Bolt Action campaign. Inspired by one of my favourite films; Saving Private Ryan, when I knew we were starting a Normandy/D-Day themed campaign there was no other choice for me!

Name: Graham Kelly

How long have you been in the hobby for: Just over 20 years, starting with Epic (Space Marine), moving onto 40k and then a whole load of stuff since.

Favourite Game: It changes, but currently Star Wars Destiny.

Favourite Miniature: Trygon/Mawloc. First of the big 40k Tyranid beasts. May not be the biggest any longer, but still a favourite.

Best Hobby Moment: Going to a 40k tournament with a gaunt horde army. 180 gaunts with a respawning formation!

Best Painting Tip: Don't get me to paint your models.

Next Project: Contrast Tyranids in preparation for apocalypse.

Name: Tim Makin

How long have you been in the hobby for: I got hero quest for my 10th birthday, but it wasn’t until ‘94 when I encountered my first game of 40k. My first army was Blood Angels

Favourite Game: Necromunda (first and second edition equally as fun) but at the moment Bolt Action has me hooked.

Favourite Miniature: Mortarion, Daemon prince of Nurgle

Best Hobby Moment: Painting a 1k Nurgle army in 10 days. My wife had surprised me with tickets to a AoS tournament and hadn’t an AoS army!

Best Painting Tip: Before you apply the paint to a model test the paint that is on your brush on your pallet, if it looks wrong on the pallet it will look wrong on the miniature.

Also when you lack in motivation to paint just set yourself the goal of painting one brush stroke, sounds stupid, but it rarely sticks at just that and you end up doing more Next Project: finishing my British paratroopers and creating a WW2 city board